Our Story

UNFINISHED BUSINESS APPAREL is a statement for the streets; an idea birthed for the satisfaction of all with a need of the perfect streetwear.

Over the years we have worked to get to where we are now. It didn’t come by luck. We have patiently followed the ladder rungs until now.

We are a movement geared towards the satisfaction of dreams, and we welcome you to a whole new world where these dreams are held together by seamless stitches conceived with the knowledge that you deserve to be proud of what you wear. Because we know you need to have value for every cent you spend. We are a symbol of a way of life; one whose values are persistent and consistent with who we are.

Here is a fashion clique that wasn't born with a spoon of gold in their mouths, but one who through brawns and dangers of the streets, made it to enviable heights. Here is to the drop-outs who have been written off as social misfits, but now at the very top today through hustling and by sheer determination.

A part of the society may see us as the rebels, the bad kids and troublemakers. But we have been forged through the fire of their collective negative opinions, and the result is a will of steel and a fashion sense they could never ignore.

We are the tough clique. It doesn't matter if we are seen as aggressive, but one thing we are sure and proud of is the edge we have in the finest of clothing details.

Like water over rock, we have slowly but steadily and surely carved a niche that no one can ignore.

We have come to be known as disruptive in our fashion and styles; call us the bedrock of the world's most distinctive rugged wears that could ever rest graciously on your skin, and you won't be far away from the truth.

Unfinished Business Apparel finishes your fashion business and makes you stand out from the crowd. We fill out all the fashion dots with a bang!

The story of Unfinished Business Apparel is one of grass to grace that confounds the fashion norms.

Buying our wears is identifying with the best that came from the streets. We are not the fashion for the faint-hearted. We turn heads on the streets. We are the show stoppers.

Our label is not just a momentary trend, but a lasting culture that has brought wears for the celebrities onto the streets without digging holes in your pockets. Coming from the streets, we know how it is.

Unfinished Business Apparel has redefined the everyday street wears with an inexhaustible range of ready-to-wear outfits, and our definition is here to stay.

Do not be left out of this party. We are the identity of the new generation with a reputation on which you can and should depend on And it's either you're wearing us, or you're watching us!

Welcome to Unfinished Business Apparel; welcome to your most confident look. 



Unfinished Business Apparel


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